TVRLS - Building Competency, Commitment & Culture


"TVRLS (T.V. Rao Learning Systems) is an expression of several decades of experience, study, review, reflection and action combined with a desire to discover more about the behaviour of people in different settings and developing ways of optimising human potential & managing talent"

TVRLS was set up in Ahmedabad in April 1996 by Dr. T.V. Rao (Ex. Professor IIM-Ahmedabad & a pioneer in the area of HRD/OB & OD). TVRLS as a unique behaviour system company extends its services to the corporates/organistaions/social & educational institutions to help them realize their business objectives through building competency of organizational associates.

Over the past 13 years, 600 organizations & 30000 individuals have benefited by having gone through our workshops/consultations/ management development programs/ feedback/coaching/ counseling sessions & conferences.

TVRLS logo represents throwing light on dark, making known what is unknown, making perceptible what is imperceptible. This furthers the human insight & leads to spread of learning, competence and commitment around.

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