• To provide theoretical input & application-oriented perspective of HRD Audit
  • Develop professionals who have the knowledge and skills to assess HRD processes
  • Prepare HR professionals for facilitating development of people, systems & organizations using latest HR tools & techniques
  • To develop competent internal HRD Auditors who can review the HRD strategies, systems, processes and align them with Business goals
  • Design and implement techniques aimed at expanding functional and business competencies of organizations through HR Audit



The certificate program is spread over six modules, which in turn in divided into two phases.

 PHASE 1: (Comprises of 5 modules, each module will be covered in a month's time)

 The learning methodology during phase 1 will be as follows


- Study material with Exercises, Assignments, & Caselets
- Online queries & discussions with experts


Study modules will be send to the participants at the beginning of each module. Every Module will cover a series of topics in HRD Audit. Literature will be sent to you weekly or fortnightly and may include articles, summaries of books, assignments, exercises, PPTs etc to facilitate the development of conceptual competencies & develop initial application orientation as well as the skill.

Participants will carry out preliminary & initial Audit in their organization using the exercises, audit instrument, guidelines & instructions supplied to them in each module. The module design is such that it will take them towards HRD Audit in a systematic way. The assignments & exercises are designed in a way that by the time you complete the course you should have done a reasonably good amount of audit for your organization.


You will be required to send us reports based on the assignments you are given. The reports/assignments will be used for assessment & the certification

Online queries & their replies, online discussions with faculty members & experts during each module basically to facilitate understanding, cover specific issues & provide additional input.



Workshop cum Assessment (2 day - Non-Residential at Ahmedabad & Bangalore)

 Workshop (by T. V. Rao, Gopal Mahapatra & Raju Rao) to provide:

Application methodology, Develop process oriented competencies, Know how of analyzing audit data, Interpreting scores with Benchmarking manual, Using TVRLS-HRD Audit Manual, Developing your own Audit Manual, Mini Audit feedback, Presentations/individual Interviews & learnings.