On completion of the program participants will be equipped to:

  • Design & conduct HRD Audit for a given company.
  • Select sampling for interviews, questionnaires for assessment, areas of observation & data needed for study and assessment.
  • Conduct an actual Audit interview.
  • Evaluate HRD systems using TVRLS manuals.
  • Evaluate HRD competencies using TVRLS database for knowledge testing.
  • Evaluate relevance & redundancies of HRD systems to achieve business goals.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of HRD department using multiple methods.
  • Use TVRLS methodology for HRD Audit and assign scores on HRD Score card.
  • Write an HRD Audit report.
  • Assist a trained and certified auditor in conducting the HRD Audit.


Conducting Audit Exercises, Submission of Assignments, Nature of online queries, Workshop performance, Assessment by the faculty, Presentation/Interviews & feedback will lead to a "Certificate of professional competency in HRD Audit" by TVRLS.