The author, Dr. T.V. Rao (Chairman - TVRLS), provides both the framework and a detailed methodology of HRD audit so as to enable corporations to conduct an internal audit of their HR functions themselves. A unique feature of the book is the 'HRD Score Card', which has been developed and tested by the author himself. Written in a readable and accessible style, this practice-based book includes several cases, examples, illustrations, detailed questionnaires and checklists. The book provides a balanced and comprehensive exposition of the concept of HRD audit and the tools & techniques required for its implementation.
The book will be indispensable to CEOs, HRD Managers, Consultants, Line Managers and will also be a useful reference for students of management and human resource development.

Publisher: Response Books, A division of Sage publications

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HRD Score Card 2500

This book attempts to assign a score for the state of HRD in any corporation. The score assigned is for 2500 points of which HRD systems are assigned 500 points; HRD competencies 500 points; HRD culture 500 points; and HRD impact or linkages another 500 points. The book is timely and very simple to follow for any HR manager or line manager having the basic knowledge of HR. There are many unique features of the scoring system proposed here. It takes into account most research available till recently in the field of HRD. This book is based on the last two decades or research and consulting work of the author with several corporations in India and other Asian and African countries brings a refreshing way of measuring the HR maturity. The book is  a comprehensive guide for all those who are interested in measuring and managing their HR and setting new standards in HR. The HRD score card 2500 gives at a glance way you are good at, what you lack and where you need to focus your effort. Useful fro CEOs who would like to get the best out of their HR investments. For the first time this book offers a comprehensive assessment of  HR of any organization and guides the firm through various criteria for designing improvements.
Publisher: Sage India Publication, 20080
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