TVRLS believes strongly in OCTAPACE values. Every employee is required to practice the same.

Openness: Where people (individuals, dyads, teams and all in the organization) feel free to express their ideas, views, opinions, feelings) to each other irrespective of their level, designation etc. There are no barriers to such expression. They are encouraged to express and are heard when expressed. The views are taken seriously.  Such an expression provides an opportunity for individuals to explore their own talents.

Collaboration is the culture where people (individuals, dyads, teams and the organization as a whole) are eager to help each other. There is a spirit of sacrificing for the sake of each other and larger goals. Personal power is played down and people are governed by larger goals like the goals of the organization, country and the humanity at large.

Trust and Trustworthiness deal with a culture of people believing each other and acting on the basis of verbal messages and instructions without having to wait for written instructions or explanations. When people say that they will do some thing or promise to do some thing it is simply relied upon. There is no need for extra monitoring and controls. There are no overheads to check if people are meaning what they say or not.

Authenticity is speaking the truth fearlessly and keeping up the promises once made. It is indicated by the extent to which people say what they mean and do what they say. In a way it is the higher order than trust and trustworthiness.  Individuals, dyads and teams can be counted upon not to make false promises.

Proactive culture is one that promotes initiative and explorations on the part of all individuals, dyads, teams and all employees. A proactive culture encourages every one to take initiative and make things happen.

Autonomy is present if every role holder in the organization irrespective of the level has some scope in his or her job to use some discretion. The discretion may be in terms of work methods. Decision-making, communication or any such area. Every employee should feel that he/she has scope for some discretion in his job.

Confrontation is the culture of facing issues squarely. Issues are talked about and discussed.  There is very little or no fear of hurting each other. Even if one has to hurt each other the issue is faced and not put under the carpet. People can be relied upon to treat issues as issues and not take as a personal assault or get hurt.

Experimentation is the orientation on the part of employees to try out new ways of doing things and experiment with new decisions. It characterizes a risk taking culture in the organization. Without risks there is no growth. Without experimentation there is very little scope for renewal, rejuvenation and simplification of life.

Openness and confrontation go together. Autonomy and collaboration go together. Trust and authenticity go together. Pro-action and experimentation go together. These four pairs are four corner stones of a HRD culture. When these values are practiced in an organization they become a part of life and are likely to get the best out op people. Human Potential is likely to be developed to the maximum extent and the people competencies are also likely to be utilized to the maximum extent.