Our Mission: A View from Prof. T. V. Rao, Chairman
I was influenced greatly by what I have learnt at IIMA from my colleagues Ravi J Matthai and Udai Pareek with whom I worked very closely for several years. Based on these influences, I consider the primary purpose of consulting as,:  “To help individuals, teams and organizations to become more competent and enduring. Consultancy services should help them to do better than before, achieve excellence, professionalize themselves, build their intellectual capital and have happiness in whatever they are doing”.  
While earning income through consultancy services is necessary for survival, institution building and growth, our primary purpose is service for the objectives mentioned above. Our work philosophy and processes reflect the same. We publish books and articles disseminating our knowledge and experience. Our work is largely research and learning based and is built on what I have done at IIMA along with my colleagues in seventies and eighties and at TVRLS in the last decade and a half. We liberally disseminate our knowledge through our publications at a low cost. We believe that this enhances capability of managers and organizations. We prefer not to enter into competitive bidding though we do send proposals to help organizations understand processes and pay appropriate price for the services they get.  Accordingly our measures of performance are more in intellectual capital terms than financial terms: number and nature of individuals, teams and organizations we influenced or benefitted, innovative products and processes we launched, and amount of knowledge we disseminated through our publications seminars and work with other educational institutions and collaborators. The fact that we also train candidates from other consulting companies through our certificate programs should speak volumes about our approach and philosophy.  We prefer to have small core team and a large network. We operate through our network of clients, consultants, associates and other well wishers.
Some of the Products and innovations for which we are known include:
·         RSDQ model
·         HRD Audit,
·         HRD Score card 2500,
·         RSBCM Models,
·         360 Tools and Kits,
·         PMS Manuals and CDs,
·         Hurconomics,
·         Climate surveys,
·         Exercises and In-baskets,
·         Biannual conferences on 360 and ADCs,
·         Certificate programs in various HR topics;
·         SIDs model of competency mapping
·         Psychometric tools (work values, Personal effectiveness, my beliefs, IELOC etc.)